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Walker the Trail Gnome


350 years ago, when the land was still trees and fields and open space, there lived a happy little Trail Gnome known as Walker. As settlers arrived in the area, the building of houses, roads and stores pushed the shy gnome into hiding in the forest lands. Eventually the small town known as Pigeontown grew and became Blue Bell in Whitpain Township. With that, Walker decided that he had to hide away for good in Gnomemansland.

So, Walker found the oldest, biggest tree that he could find and made a home inside its roots. Walker lived in this Pignut Hickory tree for years without anyone seeing him. The tree and his house grew and grew and became a state champion tree, an attraction of the trails in Whitpain, but still no one saw Walker. Then, last year in a storm that only comes once every 100 years, the majestic tree was blown over, its roots upended. There was nowhere for Walker to live and hide anymore.

Walker the Trail Gnome did what gnomes do, he ran away and hid. Now Walker makes his home somewhere in the Parks and Trails of Whitpain Township. Can you help us locate him? Make gnome mistake, Walker is very tricky and hard to find! Look for clues on the Parks and Recreation Department’s social media posts or at www.whitpainrec.com to help you find Walker.

Everyone who helps us locate Walker will be entered into a drawing to win a reward. So, walk the trails, use the parks and keep a watchful eye out for Walker. If you see him, don’t try to catch him; you might scare him away for good. Instead, take a picture with him and send it to the Parks and Recreation Department or, tag Whitpain Township Parks and Recreation when you post it to social media.
Gnomes move fast and hide well. In fact, we expect Walker will be in a new hiding spot every Monday starting April 26th. Keep a careful eye out, check for clues and look for him each week.

Most important! Be good stewards of our environment. Get outdoors and enjoy Whitpain Township’s awesome parks, open spaces and trails!

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Week of July 6
  • Clue: After trekking all over the Township parks and trails these last several weeks, Walker’s travels are coming to an end. His gnome home (which was a state champion tree) fell during a storm. You can find him on the trail nearby.
  • Find him, snap a pic with him and tag Whitpain Township Parks and Recreation on Facebook/Instagram or email park&rec@whitpaintownship.org to be entered to win a prize!
  • See pic for visual clue of his location!

Walker Locations
  • Week of 4/26: Wentz Run Park Stepping Stones
  • Week of 5/3: Crossways Trail Boardwalk
  • Week of 5/10: Wentz Run Park Playground
  • Week of 5/17: Narcissa Road Trail
  • Week of 5/24: Centre Square Park/Steuer Woods
  • Week of 6/1: Prophecy Creek Park
  • Week of 6/7: Montgomery County Community College Loop Trail
  • Week of 6/14: Mermaid Lake Park
  • Week of 6/21: Stony Creek Sports Park
  • Week of 6/28: Armentrout Preserve
  • Week of 7/6: Wentz Run Park Nature Trail

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